Why do what you love to do?Doing what you love to do helps you to feel more fulfilled.It helps you to be more productive, to have more fun, and to allow your dreams to be met!And, as a result you’ll inspire others!!

“Here’s what I’m good at,and here’s how I can help you with what I like to do”

This feature of the Volunteer Centre County website enables people to tell Community Partners about their passion so that they can volunteer in ways that make them the happiest. For example, I'm a graphic artist and I only want to volunteer in ways that allow me to do graphics for Community Partners. Here is the place to communicate that, and the Community Partners will know about you and can reach out to you if they need your expertise.

How this page works

Individuals submit talents that they wish to share with Community Partners.

For example, you can say: I am a graphic designer and I wish to volunteer my time creating logos and brochures for organizations that rescue pets.

Or, I am a retired carpenter looking to help any Community Partner who can use my carpentry skills.

Or, I like to do administrative work from home 2 hours a week.

Or, I am a retired teacher who enjoys teaching people and as a result, I can help offer organizational training or tutoring.

If and when the Community Partner can use your talent, then the Community Partner will reach out to you.

To preserve your privacy, personal information that you share does not appear publicly.

Please be patient, as Community Partners may only reply if and when they can use your talent.

Volunteer Centre County only serves to transmit information between you and our Community Partners.

Please note: if your submission appears suspect or inappropriate for a Community Partner to receive, then it will not be forwarded.

The Community Partners in the category(ies) you select will review the information you shared and they will assess their needs for your talents and determine if a match exists or not.
Community Partners will be sent the information that you provide.

An E-mail will be sent to each Community Partner you selected.

Your information will be kept private and will only be shared with the Community Partners that do service in the category(ies) that you choose.

You will be asked to describe your talents and explain what you are looking to offer to a Community Partner. When you describe what you would like to do, we ask that you please be as specific as possible. The more information you can provide, the easier it is for the Community Partner to review your offer and see if a match exists. Here are some examples of how you may wish to describe your offer.

For example, you may say something like this:

I am a bicycle mechanic. I want to give back to my community by volunteering in ways that utilize my talent fixing bicycles. I am available up to 4 hours a week. I can only help on weekends. I have tools and equipment that allow me to fix bicycles in my shop at home. I am willing to work for Community Partners that help children who may need a functioning bicycle. I do not provide bicycles; I only fix them. I have a van and can pick up and deliver bicycles that need fixing. Please contact me if you can use my talents.

Or, something like this:

We are a group of Penn State seniors looking to volunteer as a group to fulfill a service learning project for our Spring 2019 operations management class. We are available between the dates of March 15-April 26, 2019. There are 8 of us in our group and we all wish to work together. Because we are taking an operations management class, we would like to help a Community Partner with skills that relate to our class such as setting up a process, designing an efficient facility layout, or setting up an inventory management system. Please contact us before February 20, 2019 if you can use our talents because we need to have our project approved by our professor before we can begin helping you.

Or, something like this:

We are boy scouts who like to paint indoor surfaces. We are looking for a service project to do as a troop during the summer of 2019. We have 10 boys and can work for 8 hours on one day (8-5 with one hour off for lunch). We are offering 80 person-hours of inside painting. If you have one or more rooms that need painting and can supply the paint, we will be happy to paint the rooms for you. Please let us know by May 1, 2019.

Or, something like this:

I would like to foster a small older dog that can live with me in my apartment. I can foster between August 21, 202 and May 1, 2021. I have never fostered a dog before but I have had two dogs of my own who have passed on. I prefer older dogs. Please let me know if you can use my talent.

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