Our Mission

Volunteer Centre County’s mission is to provide a free, user-friendly, online portal that enhances community engagement through promoting nonprofits’ needs for volunteer service and donated goods, thereby increasing the quality of life in our community, while helping to build a stronger Centre County, PA.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Volunteer Centre County’s website is to inform people about nonprofit organizations that are in need of certain services and/or goods and to give these local charities a place to post their needs for volunteer services and donated goods. Both volunteers and organizations can make use of this website.

What We Do

Volunteer Centre County provides a web portal where Community Partners (e.g., Centre County, PA nonprofits that have been approved) post their requests for volunteers’ expertise and/or needs for donated goods.

People interested in volunteering and/or donating goods to Volunteer Centre County’s Community Partners can go to the Volunteer Centre County website and search for ways to serve and give.

There is no charge for Community Partners, or others, to use this website. This website is maintained only by donations. Volunteer Centre County is a 501c(3) organization offering a free community service to Centre County, PA.

Our Goal

Volunteer Centre County’s goal is to offer one easily accessible place for our Community Partners to post their requests for volunteers’ expertise and donated items, so that people who wish to give in Centre County can easily find opportunities to give their talents and treasures locally.

How VCC Works

Organizations interested in posting opportunities to the Volunteer Centre County website must first apply to become a Community Partner.

Our History

Volunteer Centre County was “born” at Dr. Matt Kaplan’s “Intergenerational Ideas for Enriching Quality of Life in Centre County” summit at Milbrook Marsh, State College PA on October 11, 2018. Penn State’s Intergenerational Leadership Institute (ILI) led by Dr. Kaplan is a certificate-training program developed in 2015 for adults aged 55+ seeking new lifelong learning experiences, skills, and volunteer opportunities to contribute to innovation and change in their community.

At the summit, a call-out was made for a website that could help inform volunteers about organizations that are in need of certain services and or goods, and at the same time offer a place for organizations to have a one-stop area to post their needs for time, talents, and treasures. 

The rationale for this call-out was that new residents to Centre County wanted to help local service organizations, but they had no idea where to go to find opportunities. Since Centre County has a fairly high turnover of residents, having a “one-stop” portal of service opportunities made sense. Hence, the “birth” of Volunteer Centre County.

It just so happened that another nonprofit was in hiatus at the time of the summit and the Volunteer Centre County model fit perfectly within this charity’s bylaws! This charity was already named Sedum, Inc.: a 501(c)(3) organization established on June 28, 2007 with the intent of creating and long-lasting, beautiful, full of variety, year-round, easy-to-grow, quickly spreading activities that served the community’s interests and needs. The name “sedum,” as in the plant itself, had the characteristics that were valued by Volunteer Centre County, and so the fit was a good one! Sedum was taken out of its 11-year hiatus when the Volunteer Centre County vision came to fruition.

So, Sedum, Inc. doing business as Volunteer Centre County, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity (EIN 26-0520663) is a Penn State ILI inspired project that came to life on October 11, 2018.

Our Team


Dr. Ann Echols

Executive Director


Dr. Suzanna Windon

Board Member


Mr. Zach Barton

Board Member


Dr. Grace Hampton

Board Member


Dr. Stuart Echols

Board Member

Our Values

  • We are inclusive, helping everyone to better Centre County at the level to which they are comfortable
  • We operate efficiently
  • We protect our Community Partners' and volunteers' private information.
  • We are financially strong
  • We keep our promises
  • We are open and transparent
  • We strive to consistently provide exceptional service

Our Associations and Memberships

Our Sponsorships


This website and all information it collects are monitored to keep the information provided current, legitimate, and private. Volunteer Centre County does not wish to have bots accessing the emails of Community Partners via this website and bothering our Community Partners unnecessarily. We value people’s and organizations’ privacy and desire to have their contact information protected from misuse.

Volunteer Centre County is not responsible for any person’s volunteer experience or activities performed outside of using this website. Volunteer Centre County is for the purposes of connecting parties and facilitating the exchange of information only.

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