What Volunteer Centre County Does

Volunteer Centre County maintains a website whereby local nonprofits (AKA Community Partners) can have their volunteer and donation needs posted, and individuals in the community can search for volunteer opportunities and ways to donate both their expertise and usable goods. This will provide a "one-stop shop" for everyone (aged high-school and beyond) seeking to give back and help increase the quality of life in our community. There is no charge for volunteers or Community Partners to use this website. This website is maintained only by donations.
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Our Website’s Purpose

The purpose of Volunteer Centre County’s website is to inform volunteers about organizations that are need of certain services and or goods. And, to give local charities a place to post their needs for services and goods. Both volunteers and organizations can make use of this website. Volunteer Centre County’s website is designed to offer potential volunteers one place to locate local charities’ needs for time, talent, and useable goods. Our website offers a way for these approved local charities, called Community Partners, to communicate their needs for time, talent and useable goods. Individuals who are interested in giving can be informed about where their time, talent and useful goods are needed and send information via this website to their selected Community Partner(s).
Volunteer Centre County exists to help Community Partners communicate their needs, and to help individuals find ways to give their time, talents and/or useable goods to Community Partners.

How VCC works

Nonprofit organizations that are interested in posting opportunities to the Volunteer Centre County website must first apply to
Become A Community Partner. Once approved as a Community Partner, organizations will be able to post volunteer opportunities and requests for goods and/or services.

Our History

Volunteer Centre County is an ILI-inspired project that came to life on October 11, 2018. The ILI (Intergenerational Leadership Institute) is a certificate-training program developed by Penn State University in 2015 for older adults (primary target audience is 55+) seeking new lifelong learning experiences, skills, and volunteer opportunities to contribute to innovation and change in their communities. But first, before Volunteer Centre County, there was Sedum, Inc.: a 501(c)(3) charity established on June 28, 2007 with the intent of creating a long-lasting, beautiful, full of variety, year-round, easy to grow, quickly spreading non-profit that served community interests and needs. Hence the name “sedum”, as the plant itself has characteristics that we valued. Sedum had been in hiatus when, after eleven years, an opportunity to enact Sedum’s vision came to fruition at Dr. Matt Kaplan’s “Intergenerational Ideas for Enriching Quality of Life in Centre County” summit at Milbrook Marsh, State College PA on October 11, 2018. Here, at the summit, a call-out was made for a website that could help inform volunteers about organizations that are need in of certain services and or goods, and at the same time offer a place for organizations to have a one-stop area to post their needs for time, talents, and treasures (services and goods, so to speak). Thus emerged Sedum, Inc. doing business as Volunteer Centre County, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity: EIN 26-0520663.

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