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Drop Off Information:

You may drop off your cookie jar at any of the YMCA of Centre County branches - State College, Bellefonte, Penns Valley, or Moshannon Valley. You can find the locations listed here: Be sure to tell them that your cookie jar is for the Anti-Hunger Program.


677 W. White Hall Road, State College 16801

The YMCA of Centre County Backpack and Anti-Hunger Program is seeking cookie jars.

If you have extra cookie jars (of any type) that you no longer use, we would love to have them for a project we are doing.


The Backpack Cookie Jar project was the idea of one of the members at Moshannon Valley Branch.
He puts in any extra one-dollar bills he has each day into a cookie jar and donates them to the backpack program.

He and his wife started this when the grandchildren were young and they would give the grandchildren a couple of dollars in place of cookies.

This is a great idea and it helps make sure children have food for the weekend.

Our goal is to collect cookie jars and get these into the communities to make sure no child has to worry about food.


Thank you for your support of this project.