Random Acts of Reading

We believe that equity in education can be achieved by supporting the core skills of literacy (phonics, fluency, and writing) at an early age. By providing inclusive and diverse books to empower them, meet-the-author events to inspire them, and writing workshops and contests to ignite their imaginations and validate their experiences, children will form a strong foundation for becoming confident and contributing citizens in their communities. All of this is bundled up in book vending machines that get kids excited about reading, writing, and demonstrating positive behavior.

  • Random Acts of Reading (RoAR) is designed to support children by providing exciting literacy projects. By partnering with quality publishers with inclusive, diverse, and educational titles, we aim to promote literacy and the joy of reading with young students, inspiring them to write and share their own empowering stories, as well.


Lemont 16851

501(c)(3) Charity