The Crooked House

We are building public art, preserving history, and transforming community spaces.

The Crooked House project is a life-size concrete sculpture of the façade of a historic house, which had deteriorated beyond repair. The finished sculpture will sit five feet from the sidewalk in the small town of Milesburg, PA, situated in a newly developed neighborhood green space.

Inspired by his studies in Rome and the sculptures and ruins that punctuate everyday Italian life, Creative Director Benjamin Fehl’s vision is to liberate art from traditional museum spaces and metropolitan venues and bring it to small towns. Public art placemaking in the heartland has the potential to enrich the lives of residents and prompt conversations around creativity, culture, and community as well as inviting tourists to step in and begin conversations with people beyond their traditional urban neighborhoods.  

204 Market Street, Milesburg PA 16853

Milesburg 16853


Arts Culture, Theatre, Humanities


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