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Apr 01, 2023 - Apr 01, 2024


2022 Axemann Rd., Bellefonte 16823

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Taproot Kitchen

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Taproot Kitchen is looking for board members with a passion for inclusion and local food as we expand and set up shop in an exciting new location.

Taproot Kitchen provides adults with autism and intellectual disabilities critical jobs and training while also utilizing fresh surplus food gleaned and purchased from local farms in catering and food sales.

In seven years, in spite of the significant impact of the pandemic on sales and operations, Taproot Kitchen grew from a cooking club into a nonprofit venture with excellent community engagement, established volunteers, and a strong customer base. With nearly half a million dollars received through a USDA Local Food Promotion Grant, we’re building on this foundation by creating a shared-use kitchen at an exciting location, scheduled to open in October 2023. We’ll be in operations with newly hired staff and selling at local food markets in May 2023. Our talented board is seeking members and/or advisory committee members to help us to accomplish these goals and further our vision of building a less wasteful, and more inclusive community.

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